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Kicking off the Ladies of Harley Chapter

01 June 2017

Kicking off the Ladies of Harley Chapter Nearly 50 women bikers flagged off their first official Women’s Harley ride in India from May 26-28. They rode in from various parts of the country to Dandeli, in Karnataka, on their high-displacement motorcycles, as a part of the recently launched chapter ' Ladies of Harley'. The session was curated by seasoned riders and motorcycle experts – Sagar Sheldekar and Rohal Albal from PowerDrift.

Here’s (Harley-Davidson India Director of Marketing) Pallavi Singh’s take on the new initiative.

1. Is Harley Davidson a suitable bike for women?
Pallavi Singh: This brand believes in uniting everyone with a common passion and welcomes them to our family. It encourages the love for motorcycling by providing opportunities for enthusiasts to experience the Harley-Davidson lifestyle.

2. We're used to the pre-conceived notion of men going gaga over bikes, are rides like this breaking that stereotype?
Pallavi Singh: Off late, women riders in India have been taken to the idea of pursuing their passion and challenge old societal shackles and patriarchal prejudices. We have seen strong interests among women to join the sport of leisure motorcycling and many go ahead and purchase their own motorcycles.

3. How has biking as a hobby evolved over the years? With successful bike rides in the past by The lady riders of India and The Bikernis, what can one expect from The Ladies of Harley?
Pallavi Singh: Women currently make up a growing segment of Harley-Davidson’s customers in India. Several of them have been among the most active riders in their H.O.G. chapters. So, this group has been established to get more women riders into the fold of leisure riding.

4. How difficult was it to gather Harley women riders across India?
Pallavi Singh: Today, LOH is a very close knit group of riders from different parts of the country who are willing to travel and spend time with their pack. The recently concluded ride is a testimony to this with more than 50 members riding down from as far as Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Pune.

5. Do you address safety concerns?
Pallavi Singh: As a responsible company, we consider it important to educate customers and enthusiasts on various aspects of confident and safe riding.

6. Please tell us about the activities planned for the Passport to Freedom? How did you come up with the theme?
Pallavi Singh: Harley-Davidson conceptualized Passport to Freedom, a highlight of LOH, to improve queries around effective braking, slow speed handling, defensive riding techniques and reading road signs and signals while enjoying the open roads.

7. Are cruisers, sports bikes and street naked bikes becoming popular among women riders?
Pallavi Singh: There is no such thing called a particular kind that attracts women riders. A lot of riders prefer motorcycles that allow enough personalisation and customisation. Personally, I have a soft corner for the Sportster family. I own a CBU Iron 883 sporting Willie G paint and decals and a stage 2 engine upgrade kit.

8. The passion for riding is spread across ages - tell us about the inspiration behind these stories?
Pallavi Singh: Riding is like meditation for motorcycle enthusiasts. As a 114-year old brand, I can safely say that Harley riders transcend age and gender, and as a brand we see great synergy in the principles and values it stands for.
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